BLU-RAY, the Quantum Hyper-Cortex, ZEPTO Dimensions and Hyper-Sur-Realities

At some point BLU-RAY gamers and their foreseeable future iterations will be mounted inside your BLU-RAY mind itself. Levels of latest mental faculties will probably be developed into a bridge amongst your thoughts, BLU-RAY fact devices as well as a Cyber Essence.

Conceivably your BLU-RAY “fact” will likely be dependant on a by no means ending ephemeral ether-consciousness existing only in complicated algorithms existing as states of quantum shifting mass-considerably less semi-spiritual vapors “shed” but for little threads in infinitely escalating multiverses.

Exactly what is the probable of a BLU-RAY participant if the future in your life? Will a 2020 or 3020 BLU-RAY not only keep sight and audio but taste, contact, scent and palpable emotional impulses able to encourage your cerebral cortex past what the normal senses can offer? Will you do have a surreal-cortex, a hyper-cortex, a cyber quantum zepto spiritual cortex?

BLU-RAY “Coronary heart Attack” “Motion picture” media so horrifying You need to be suicidal to play it. Videos that can eliminate, sensual BLU-RAY hypercortex 11 dimensional emotion “desire flicks” a lot better than sexual intercourse whenever you had been eighteen.

“Hyper-Cortex wives and husbands, fans and masters, slaves and demons, saints and gods. Hyper-Cortex Rhett Butlers, Angelina Jollies and Anima figures. Additional tactile truth than now possible, more emotion rippling scenes than you might have ever expert. Levels of intellectual agility, cultural sensitivity, quantum-zepto pushed existence notion.

Motio Divina: The Quantum Leap to your Point out of Grace by using a supernatural gift to your intellect. BLU-RAY perfumes so evocative you can remember every sensation of your daily life, every single day’s emotions you’ve ever had from beginning to your morning just experienced. You can relive the primary kiss you at any time experienced, The 1st time you built appreciate, the primary inkling of becoming in enjoy and even the terror of awaking and being aware of you didn’t examine for the take a look at right now. Your greatest times, your worst moments, retrievable as over the dwelling encounter of them you initially experienced. Hyper realities, hyper consciousnesses, hyper universes, hyper realities.

With memory enhancements and memory Hyper-Enhancements you’ll obtain the memories (comprehensive with all sensations and in some cases extra sensations) of anybody who has uploaded their own personal. Obtain a murderer’s moments just ahead of And through his heinous act and Know the way he felt, understand his sadism, odor the blood, listen to the razor cut and afterwards “know” his thoughts a lot better than he could at any time understand it.

Add your preternatural dreams and Eskimos, college instructors and presidents can co-expertise your very psyche, your extra-than-most personal soul.

State-of-the-art BLU-RAY know-how and its progeny can provide beginning to metaphysical worlds wherein desire states may become a lot more genuine that reality, truth may become subordinate to your preferred point out of surreal existence. You are going to know grace and shame, fear and adore, the eternity of the lifetime sentence, the apprehension of the very last hour in the world as you enter the gas chamber…over and over and over. The shocking psychological devastation of shedding a child, or of falling right into a grinder, of currently being burned alive. Of constructing love to a hundred lovers while travelling by means of Place for the Andromeda Nebula in a bubble-shield of zepto-make a difference.