Everyday Usage Products That Can Become Harmful to The Environment

You will find many products that are either eco-friendly or harmful to the environment. Knowing what works best for the environment will help you keep your surroundings safe from pollution.

Some of the products are considered eco-friendly. Switching to such products is an excellent idea to save the environment. You can find such ecofriendly products by visiting The Willow Trader. They are the manufacturers of environmentally friendly products and can become an excellent guide in your “Go Green” initiative. Visit their webpage to know more.

Products that Can Harm the Nature 

Here are some of the supplements that are considered non-eco-friendly products.

  • Sunscreen 

Sunscreen is the best way of protecting your skin from harsh sun rays. However, not all sun rays are environmentally friendly. If you wear such harmful sunscreen and enter the beach waters or other such water bodies, you are indirectly adding the harmful supplement into the water, which can hurt the aquatic life in them.

  • Paper Coffee Cups 

Normally, the coffee cups that you carry with you from the cafes will become harmful to the environment, if you constantly dispose of them here. Instead of taking coffee cups with you and disposing of them, and losing 5 to 25 cents in the process, you can take reusable travel mugs with you. The coffee cups that you take on the go from coffee shops will include 5 to 25 cents in the overall coffee charges.

  • Adhesive Tape 

The tiny scraps of adhesive tape can become quite dangerous to the environment. The plastic films, tiny scraps, etc., from the adhesive tape, can result in greenhouse gas emissions to the environment. The sticky residue that is left behind on the cardboard boxes can become a hindrance in the recycling process.

  • Tea Bags

Even though tea bags are eco friendly in nature, millions of bags at the same time can become a shocking amount of waste added to the environment. The teabags are no doubt eco-friendly in nature, but will not be 100% biodegradable. Hence, the best way of consuming tea is with the help of a pot or a tea steeper.

  • Plastic Water Bottles 

Plastic bottles are the biggest hindrance to the environment. Every day millions of plastic bottles of all shapes and sizes will be dumped by people, and recycling them in huge quantities is not an easy task. The best way of avoiding plastic bottle usage is by switching to filter-enabled water bottles.

  • Mattresses 

Studies have shown that millions of box springs and other such mattresses will be discarded by people around the globe. It is even believed that the overall discarded mattresses can form one complete round around the earth if they are lined up at each end. They can be recycled, but the mattresses should be broken down into simpler substances.

You will find many such products that are daily used and yet can become harmful to the environment. Know about all of those products and make necessary changes to offer your bit of help in saving mother earth.