How much is carbon dioxide blasting

Carbon dioxide blasting is completely per cube cost depends on the model size of the equipment, generally 132. Seven three three zero. 8303 model costs will be less cheap, large-scale equipment (general cost is 3-5 yuan this also To see employee’s operation, the cost refers to the cost of carbon dioxide and activator shutters do not include manual and punching, and can be skilled in practice, and can control at 2-4 yuan) (small model costs 5-8 yuan) Normal of manual and punching) The above data is for reference only.

The full set of carbon dioxide gas blasting equipment use instructions: 1. Carbon dioxide burst equipment is very simple, carbon dioxide burst equipment is also known as carbon dioxide caraper equipment with carbon dioxide storage tank, carbon dioxide cream, filling machine The composition is composed.

The company’s research and development of carbon dioxide expansion equipment with patented technology is to use liquid carbon dioxide hand-heat-fluid expansion, quickly release high pressure gas to break rock or dust, and decompose the destructive in the past. Diffishes such as dangerous high quarrying supplier mineral comminutions provide reliable guarantees for ore safety mining and prevailing.

Widely applicable to all kinds of mining mining, the rise of tunnels, rigidly decacted, and is also widely used in steel and cement industries. Current new burst removal method of carbon dioxide burst equipment

Gas blasting expansion equipment – Product advantages

a. Environmental protection

Orientation leaks do not destroy the surrounding environment Do not produce harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides, better improvement of working environment, beneficial workers’ health

b. Convenient

Different (carbon dioxide) fill, replacement The fixed-energy relief tablets and heat generator controllable the expansion system can be adapted to different working environments.

c. Effective

The burst force is large and fully controllable, and the traditional blasting in the field of ore mining is completely proxy. D. Economic The whole system can be repeatedly used, the cost is low E. Safety assembly, filling and transportation, etc., the process is safe and reliable, The blasting can completely eliminate the dumbille break.

f. Rapid

Assembly, filling is simple, blasting preparation time is short, can greatly improve work efficiency and mass production.

Gas burst expansion equipment – product application a. Mining application a new technology for traditional mining methods. Used in coal mine mining work surface, replacing traditional cannon mining methods, achieving coal in work face, high blasting power, large amount of coal, short block, short distance, reducing workers’ strength, and will not cause a shims of dishes happened.In addition, the blasting coal block is high, and the ratio of pulverized coal powder is significantly reduced, and it is basically not dusty, and the coal dust is reduced.Coal mines apply this technology to increase the increase in production and increased profit.