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How To Choose A Good SEO Company?

Who knows better than Google? Based on the tips from Google included in the several-minute video, we have developed a list of recommendations for choosing a good SEO agency.

1. A good SEO company doesn’t promise you quick results

Google emphasizes that there is no trick to suddenly SEO Company UK finding a website in the 1st position. According to Google, good SEO takes time – from 4 to 12 months to be effective.

2. A good SEO company cares about the overall visibility of your website, not just your search engine positions

Google emphasizes that if an SEO company only cares about the position of specific phrases, without looking at the client’s business as a whole, nothing good will come Web SEO Company Ltd of it. The SEO company should also pay attention to such aspects as visibility and recognition of the client’s brand and whether the website is user-friendly. Why? First of all, if it is user-friendly, Google will like it as well, and secondly, if the website is not user-friendly, all possible traffic will not convert anyway.

SEO Company UK

3. A good SEO company cares about the technical aspects of your website

Without taking care of the technical aspects of the website, it is #SEOCompanyUK impossible to position the website well. Google makes it clear that it promotes user-friendly and standards-compliant websites. If the SEO company is not paying attention to this, it means that they are not concerned about the usability of your website (and Google will not be making it stand out). Google says it straight – the best local SEO company talks to you and describes its ideas to you so that you can work effectively and in synergy.

4. A good SEO company wants to know how you run your business

Google emphasizes that the potential of SEO is as great as the potential of your website or business. What does it mean? The point is that a small local store is not able to “jump” in visit the search results of a large corporation such as Amazon or Answear. However, if you hire a good SEO company, they will choose a strategy that squeezes 100% out of the potential of your brand or business. The more an SEO company knows about how you are doing your business, the more appropriate methods it can propose. And if she is not interested in who your customers are, the competition, or the competitive advantage, how is she supposed to evaluate your SEO potential?

5. A good SEO company is interested in website statistics and health

Such company will ask you for access to Google Analytics and Google SEO In Website Search Console. It is necessary to assess the potential of the website, find out how your website sees Google, how you sell, how to allocate the budget for website positioning and what are the potential errors of the website.

6. A good SEO company asks what other promotion tools you use

According to Google, SEO complements and Measure – Use Our Free SEO Checker complements other forms of advertising (online and offline), so all activities should be consistent with each other. If an SEO company is not interested in what else you do to promote yourself, their activities will be less effective and less integrated.

7. A good SEO company will always recommend you to prepare an audit of your website

Just like a good doctor will never make a diagnosis and start therapy without examining the patient, a good SEO company will never start without a thorough audit. Without analyzing the current situation, it is impossible to introduce changes. A good audit should contain a list of suggested changes to the website along with an assessment of their impact on the website, its position, traffic and the entire business. Google also claims that it is worth asking the company for a list of proposed changes and on this basis also assess whether the company has sufficient substantive knowledge.

8. A good SEO company will educate you and explain your activities

Google says it straight – a good SEO company talks to you and describes its ideas to you so that you can work effectively and in synergy. He does not hide the facts and has no problem telling you what actions he will take. It’s a transparent collaboration.

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