How to fix a gutter and ensure a perfect seal?

Definition & Composition of gutter

The gutter, also called a channel, is one of the key elements of a roof because it has the function of disposing of the rainwater received from the roof through an evacuation system. Without the eaves and without the roof overhang, the facade would have a very limited life: water would drip along the walls, infiltrate the open points of the house, etc. The gutter is very often made of zinc or PVC and is fixed on the edge of the slope.

The gutter is made up of horizontal and vertical elements. Horizontally we first find the gutter which rests on hooks fixed on the edge of the roof or on the wall with special screws for gutters. The gutter is equipped with corner fittings for the roofs on three or four sides, with gutter terminals (right and left) for the roofs on one or two sides (one on each side), with joints to connect it to the evacuation system (the descent, one on each side) and sometimes expansion joints depending on the material and length of the gutter.

How to fix a gutter and ensure a perfect seal?

The installation of a gutter is done with hooks which obviously have the same development – the hooks are fixed following a continuous slope. The technical point is found in the joints of the long sections of the gutter, in the corners, and at the junction with the descent – is the part called the joint. The seal must be perfect! There are three types of fittings depending on the materials.

Bonding joint

The bonding joint is mainly used for PVC gutters. Plumbers know-how!

Deep drawing fitting

In the case of a deep-drawing fitting, a quality product must be chosen to avoid losses. However, silicone joints can be added to avoid risks.

Fittings for welding

They are suitable for zinc and copper gutters. They have a perfect seal and excellent durability. The first two types of fittings (gluing and deep drawing fittings) do not need special skills. For welding, it is better to have some experience and not improvise welders at a height of 6 meters! The various elements of the descent are connected in the same way.

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