Which hoarding is right for your construction site?

The life of construction hoarding is short because it is used for a temporary period. Investing a huge amount of money in construction hoarding is a waste of money and resources. Construction hoarding is used for different purposes, such as preventing unauthorized access of public in the construction area, maintaining the health and safety of people, etc.

There are different types of construction hoarding available in the market. The best for you depends upon your requirements and need for a construction site. Hoarding is a security to the general public and workers of the construction site. Foamex printing company can help in deciding which type of hoarding is right for your construction site.

Hoarding plays a significant role in protecting the general public from various hazards. When you are going to choose a construction hoarding for a construction site, you need to look down on a certain range of factors.

Before choosing firstly, you have to decide how long you need this hoarding or reuse it in the future construction site. And secondly, you have to choose hoarding according to the climate condition of a construction site. For example, if you choose to hoard flight material in the area where rain occurs, it may damage and won’t serve the purpose. Hoarding must be according to the climate and weather of the construction site.

Below is the list of types of hoarding printing that is best for your construction site.

Steel hoarding 

When you are looking for durable hoarding, then steel hoarding is the best option for you. Because it gives you long-term durability. Steel hoarding is suitable for different types of construction sites. The steel hoarding construction  can be used on rough and touch places. Steel hoarding is best because we can easily reuse it. It comes in different colours. You can use a colour of your choice on hoarding.

It is flexible and we can easily transport it anywhere without damage. It is very quick to install anywhere at the time of emergency. It is environmental friendliness hoarding as compared to Timber hoarding. To enhance the beauty of your hoarding, you can also use light in steel hoarding, and it is also visible in the dark.

Timber hoarding 

Nowadays, Timber hoarding is used by reputed companies and big construction sites. Timber hoarding is considered to be one of the best hoardings for construction sites because it is affordable. We mostly need construction hoarding for a temporary period. Therefore economic hoarding is best for construction sites.

Timber hoarding is light in weight as compared to Steel hoarding. You can easily install anywhere Timber hoarding on the construction site by using concrete blocks. Timber hoarding allows you to add any type of colours and Signage in hoarding. The message which you want to convey through Timber hoarding is visible and dark at night also.

Timber hoarding has a limited life compared to Steel hoarding when you need hoarding for a longer duration of time than you should go for steel hoarding. Sometimes construction companies can reuse some of the timber hoardings for another site also.

It mostly depends upon the quality of timber. When the ground of the construction site is not ideal for installing ground hoarding, then timber hoarding is only a good option for them. A great benefit of using Timber hoarding on construction sites is that it can easily be painted with instructions and warnings.

Concrete slab hoarding

Concrete slab coding is also considered one of the best types of hoarding for construction sites, and many big companies mostly use it. Concrete slab hoarding is similar to water-filled base hoarding. This hoarding can easily move from one place to another and easy to install, reducing the labour cost.


In the above discussion, we discuss the different types of construction hoarding; we find that each hoarding has its advantage and disadvantage. Therefore before choosing any type of construction hoarding for your construction site, you need to look down on a range of certain factors.

Consider some important factors before choosing hoardings, such as the requirement of the size of hoarding, the nature of climate of construction sites, and many more factors. Contact Foamex printing company to learn more about hoarding printing.