Why Is Everyone Going Crazy Over the New iPad?

I wouldn’t exactly call it crazy, but the iPad is a much sought after device. While many people are sitting on the side lines deciding whether or not to invest in this device. Many users are enjoying total freedom from their desktops and shedding the extra weight of their laptops. Whenever I compare or mention the iPad to people who ask me “was the investment worth it”? I respond with a resounding yes!

But what about other tablet devices that are like the ipad trade in value iPad? My response is: Where are they? Its been more that nine months since the iPad launched and the competition is just now bringing their product to market. Lets face the facts: It’s obvious that Apple knows how to make these gadgets work and they work well. Look at how the competition lined up behind Apple to produce a similar product. Where were they before the iPad?

Why is everyone going crazy over the iPad? Here are a few reasons that I think they are:

Portability. Sure your laptop is portable, but the battery life on this device is remarkable!

  • Accessibility. You can connect to the internet with your wi-fi or 3G connection. Access to your email, Face Book and other social networks sites.
  • Versatility. Do your homework, edit word, excel and PowerPoint documents. Play games, watch movies, listen to your music and much more!

No matter what your occupation or profession, there is a use for this device. For those still deciding and waiting to see what the competition will crank out, remember, the iPad has already been in the market and in the hands of 3 million people in 80 days and the numbers are growing. The size and weight for this device is optimal, it’s not too heavy and everything is in the right places. Apple has more than 200,000 apps for you to choose from. You are only limited to its use by your imagination.

The competition will have to learn what works for their product and when they market and sell their product, Apple will improve on their already great device and I’m sure launch a second version. I’m a PC man and I only own two Apple devices, the iPhone and the iPad. I am very satisfied with both of my investments and I take full advantage of the features and functionality of each. If I wanted a USB port and the ability to have a memory card slot and camera, I would stick to having a laptop. My business is truly mobile with the iPad, I can process credit cards, access my FTP server and remote into a clients PC for support while sitting in the coffee shop.