Winning Soccer – Scoring Using Basketball Concepts on the Soccer Field

Concepts of Basketball in soccer? What does basketball have to relate to soccer? What can you do to make it happen? These are a few most likely questions you’re asking yourself. Well, let me explain.

The idea of playing basketball on a soccer field is a way of playing offensive play(s) like the ones used in basketball:

1.) manage the ball

2.) manage the speed or pace of the game

3.) improve your scoring chances and goals production

4.) decrease your opponent’s chances of scoring and goal production

5) decrease the length of time that your defense players have to defend

Today’s focus or purpose for soccer players can be described as “NOT TO LOSE”. Teams are focused on playing a solid defense, and keep between four (4) or 8 (8) players in the defensive system. Since the defensive players have a higher percentage than the offensive players, it’s no wonder that live score liga cham pion soccer is a sport that is not very scoring. If a team scores at least 2 goals per game, it’s an offensive team that is considered to be good.

It’s really easy. It is as simple as drawing the basketball court and sketch the basic basketball game with three or four choices. You then draw your diagram for the basketball court , various play options and then expand it to the exact dimensions of the penalty box. Keep the players in the same position as you extend the diagram. After that, move the players of the penalty area. You should place the forwards halfway in between centerline and penalty box. The midfielders should be placed in the defense of the line. They will begin the plays when they get to their initial positions in the playing field. The starting locations are the fields that you would like your players to be before starting offensive game. It is necessary to adjust your position to improve the speed of your players, the timing of player’s routes, the passing sequences, etc.

Look at the movements of the players as well as the ball. You’ve just made a soccer game (a carefully planned series of movement). What you have now is an offensive plan to follow to ensure that players are aware of what follows:

1.) where they should be on the field , as an initial point

2.) who gets the ball with each pass

3.) the place they should be moving on every single pass (anticipation)

4.) who gets the scoring opportunity (where as well when)

5) in which each player has to be present on the shot in case of rebound, a passing to the mouth of the goal etc.

You can make 3-5 of these games. Utilize two or three during the course of a game. It is also possible to use two of them during the beginning of the game and switch to different games at the second half. Utilize your imagination.

I applied these basketball ideas in soccer, and it was very successful. The offensive team was my responsibility of the varsity team of a high school. In the year that they played, they played 24 games. In the 24 games played they scored 98 goals. That’s an average of four goals and more per game. It was an improvement over the previous season, when there were 42 goals scored.

Utilizing basketball principles at the soccer court also led to less goals achieved by our opponents. In controlling the ball and establishing our games, we created also less scoring chances for adversaries. It is true”the best defense” is “the best defense” is an effective offense that is able to control games and the ball.

What I’m about: I hold earned a degree as a teacher in physical education. I also worked as a professor for the last 34 years. I’ve coached youth soccer in addition to high school soccer for over 25 years. As a coach in many sports, basketball and soccer are among my top games to teach.

I learned the various aspects of soccer. My goal as a soccer coach was to become the best instructor possible in the classroom teaching skills and techniques/mechanics for my players and to be the best coach I could be in the creation of soccer strategies concepts, concepts, game preparation as well as game management, so that my players would become the best players and make the most effective team.